Wednesday, September 30

Each shoot of pain.

Read one of the most beautiful things in my whole life the other day. A little oldschool, don't feel bad if you have to read it twice over to understand :P..but when you do: wow.

"Whatever thy grief or trouble be, take every drop in thy cup from the hand of Almighty God. He with whom "the hairs of thy head are all numbered," knoweth every throb of thy brow, each hardly drawn breath, each shoot of pain, each beating of the fevered pulse, each sinking of the aching heart. Receive then, what are trials to thee, not in the main only, but one by one, from His all-loving hands; thank His love for each; unite each with the sufferings of thy Redeemer; pray that He will thereby hallow them to thee. Thou wilt not know now what He thereby will work in thee; yet day by day, shalt thou receive the impress of the likeness of the ever-blessed Son, and in thee, too, while thou knowest it not, God shall be glorified."--E.B. Pusey


hendrix said...

i gotta tell you, i really really love tumblr haha


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