Wednesday, April 8

my help

is found in my Hope, my Heart, the only One I've been able to hold on to.
things got just a tad bit too deep.
slightly heavier,
a tiny bit overwhelming,
kind of unbearable.

I never thought that I would find myself in this sort of predicament to this degree with these people, with this setting, or, ten million other combinations of possibilities. My heart feels so heavy and I just feel so lost. My prayers felt like they've fallen on deaf ears because inside, I still feel like I'm drowning in why's and hows, and what's.. and who's to blame and who's the victim. Then God revealed to me that I cannot accept His peace if I refuse to understand who He is. He is holy, sovereign, all knowing--and the point is not to understand every SINGULAR thing that occurs, but the point is to TRUST, FOLLOW & OBEY. Even when we do feel like we are being led with blindfolds strapped tightly on. When we forget who God is, we look at our circumstances with human sized lenses. But when we look up, GOD is the big picture, and everything around us suddenly shrinks in intensity and significance.

I cannot understand how He can calm the storm in me if my eyes cease from embracing the rain internally. I can't move forward if I purposely set my feet in the quicksand of yesterday. I just kept meditating on Psalm 25. It's such a great chapter. Anyhoots, time to run and get some rest. love.


JENN LEBRON: said...

I love Psalm 25. DJ has it on a sweater that they made in Basic Training. Hope you're having a good day.


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