Saturday, November 15

the love you don't feel.

Though it seems time, and my heart has progressed to galaxies & universes farther than I can ever know, gravity keeps drawing me back to you. No, its not the same feelings, and not the same approach.. but strangely, the outcome always remains.

For lack of better vocabulary: you still make me sad....

It used to keep me awake at night when I wondered how I could give someone my whole heart, and yet still not be "enough" for them.

I don't even know. I just see a large difference. I guess its okay with you when I'm not okay.. sorry..i guess i live in a dreamworld when i thought that people would call you when they know that they made you cry.

just weird.. walking myself to my own car.
just weird... watching you say goodbye and turning around so quickly..
and just weird..

And watching your eyes glaze over with boredom or disinterest in things i'm so excited in. things we used to be excited in together. Just feel like a one-man army. I've lost yah, bud. but.. seems like I've lost you long time ago..

.. i used to tell you that I can't make you love me.. but .. man.. i just.. i just wish that I didn't notice all the little things you didn't do.. the things you fail to say. i know i always expected too much way back.. but.. maybe I guess i'm still expecting too much.. even as just a friend.

.. at least i'm learning. can't say i miss you... cuz i don't.. but the man i USED to know.. .. that guy, I really miss. Haven't seen him in years.

..........and just weird... that you don't miss me. even a little. i think that's the part that still hurts me everyday.

Nah.. i'm not gonna cry......... tomorrow.



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