Monday, October 27


More and more of what it means to worship. When the two Marys were walking back to tell the disciples that the stone from the tomb had rolled away, they saw the risen Christ on the way. What was their natural instinct? They worshipped. What happened when those previously fearful and timid disciples saw Christ on the mountain He told them to go to after He had risen? They worshipped. The guest pastor at our church yesterday said that when we see the holiness of God, our natural reaction would just be to worship. Just like Isaiah when He saw the vision of heaven.. He said.. "woe is me! for I have unclean lips.." .. suddenly, any images of self-righteousness, pride, or things of the sort just vanish away. We realize we really aren't much in the presence of our amazing God. I want to live my life in that way. To constantly be aware that at every single second & breath of this life on earth, I am living in the presence of God. I have a feeling it will change a lot of things in the way I speak, think, feel, and do. Have a great day & God bless :)
p.s. We made a cake for Walt Disney's son this past week! Yes, THE Walt Disney!.. man. I feel so blessed to be able to grow & learn from my job! :) stressful, yet so fun! :)
here's a couple pics! :)



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