Saturday, September 6

yeee yeee yeee

today, was an awesome day.
you know why?
i met a woman.. wait wait... she had bigger shoulders & hairier armpits than me!! (when i don't shave/wax i mean hahaha) oh man it was gross! but i felt good inside because at least i know i'm not the only female with manly shoulders & super hairy traits!!! hhaha. but now that i think about it.. i don't think this really counts cuz she was a butch. hhaa. is that mean? well. that's what she was i don't know any other words to phrase it! so she was definitely the man in the relationship because her fiance was obviously the lipstick lesbian haha :P haha sorry if there are any guys reading this, but if you don't know. all women have hair on their underarms. so deal with it. hahaha :) pointless blog but just thought i'd throw that in there hahah :D can't wait for church tomorrow! this week was so very challenging! :P praise God for testings though :)


Zamir said...

umm. that's nasty. haha.


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