Monday, September 29

Last night was one of the coolest days ever! I remember earlier this year, I really was praying to God that He would give me an outlet or some sort of opportunity to share the gifts He's given me with nonbelievers & just praise Him through music. And now, doors are opening! :) I'm so thankful & grateful for everything and it truly makes my heart glad & filled with joy because it really is what I want to do with my life hehe :)

The blessings were numerous & on and on and on last night! First of all, I had to be at two places at once! Covina AND Cerritos! hahah.. I literally was praying the whole day because I was having mini anxiety attacks--at least..i THINK that's what they are! haha..when you can't really breathe and your body's shaking cuz your heart is beating too fast? and you're sweating bullets even though its not really hot?.. I don't know! haha..that's what a pharmacist I worked with told me one time..but anyhoots! .. I"ve been making wedding cakes.. but.. I always get scared because I"m not like PROFESSIONAL.. and.. i'm not THAT good! haha..i'm barely starting & still learning from mistakes & stuff.. and for some reason they're either crooked..or they start to melt... or.. the sides start to buckle.. i feel like something just ALWAYS goes wrong! So I really just lifted this one up to God..and lo & behold! it came out great! I really give all glory to Him because MAN! Given the time crunch, there really was no way I could have done it. I love it when God puts us in situations where we think that something is just IMPOSSIBLE..but.. because HE wants to show HIS glory.. He allows it to come out beautifully. Its pretty cool, I must say! ...

and so yeah the show at the O restaurant & bar was pretty amaazing! It really felt like worship & the lead singer of the band "House of Dani" truly reflected just.. a spirit of JOY! He lived for God and He sang for God.. and Christ TRULY was the joy of his heart. I only pray that I could have that same fervor & presence that he gave off :) Dan & I even jammed with them afterwards! they were really cool! I wish i took pictures.. but.. once I retrieve some from my titas & titos I will post them. And yup, dan & I did two songs & although it wasn't up to "my standards" (my part ,i mean, not dan's hahaha) (everyone's their own worst critics... )... I know God was glorified, and people were blessed.. and he knew what was in our hearts.. and that right there, is enough for me!! :) And the message was SO awesome! & SO funny too! hahahah oh man! i wanna describe it but it wouldn't be the same as being there! hahahahahaha! basically, it was that if we want God to use us.. oh, we BETTER be prepared to be broken ..because when we finally are.. that's when we grow in His humility, lean upon HIs grace.. and so many other things.. but most importantly.. become a channel of blessing for others. So yeah..this is getting really long! hehe her'es some pictures & God bless!! :D Love, steph

p.s. just in case anyone's wondering..the cake was chocolate cake with italian meringue mocha buttercream and then iced with italian meringue vanilla buttercream on the outside :)


Hendrix said...

Paisly. Nice. :)

n said...

you're gonna make my cake when i get married!

you're gonna sing too aight?!

haha! if and when..


jessicarm said...

lovely photos & cake [:


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