Monday, July 7

it's hoooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jammin around ;]
here's a few sound clips of me messing around. :) i figure i might as well start posting things i'm working on, because i tend to write a million unfinished songs--i always forget about them! "All I need" is a cover by Bethany Dillon. love that girl! she has such a heart for the Lord and she's so young! so me & ate chriss were just messing around.. looked through my old songs and found "you & me babe" HAHAHAHAHAH womp womp! i remember writing that song and thinking "okay, just pretend you like someone.. ALOT.. how would you feel?" haha.. oh, i miss younger days. "Light In My Heart" is completely in "pending" mode..that's not even the title! haha.. .. 60% was improvised..which is why i kept sounding so choppy and messed up on some parts! hahah yee soon! i'm gonna go apply for a job as a cake decorator at Red Ribbon today --tita melinda told me to go.. so, i figure while i'm waiting for my pharm. tech license to come in..i might as well!! cuz i'm brokke sonn! okay, i'm gonna post some stuff on a NEW blog..otherwise this one will be extremely long. hehe.. God bless :)

p.s..if you love me, GIMMME A SUSTAINER PEDAL!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH so sad..its only like $20, but i don't even have $20! hahaha.. piano sounds soooo rinky dink w/o it!!



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